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"By the Way" is a fun song filled with good times. But aside from the good times, this song also has a certain sense of mystery and seeking to it, such as the main line of the chorus:


You can’t run if I can’t hide with you.


What is this person running from? Where are they going? What are they seeking? 


At the same time, this line is filled with love: no matter where you are going (physically or mentally), I will go there with you. I am here for you. We are in this together. 


Then in the 3rd verse there is a chance encounter with a wise, spiritual person who helps them: 


Where you’ll go is who you’ll be

But from where you are you can be free

Life is what you choose for it to be.

Here you see themes that often come up in my songs...because they often come up in my life! If we aren’t careful, we can spend too much of our time seeking something else other than what we already have, but with a subtle yet powerful shift in perspective we can see that we really have all we need right here in front of us. We have the power to choose our perspective and therefore, we are free.

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